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Local Threads
Local Threads

Wear Hoodies-Crewnecks to Make You Look Younger and More Stylish


Hoodies and Crewnecks make women look younger and more sporty. You can wear the hoodie jacket on different occasions. Hoodies are so comfortable that you can wear them all day at home over a pair of jeans or leggings. There are big named brands that sell hoodies and crewnecks.There are also more fashionable hoodies for women. But the most perfect hoodie that you can buy this season is a sustainable hoodie from a local Aussie brand. That’s right, you can shop local and support local businesses and at the same time help save the environment from the fast fashion industry.

Hoodies and Crewnecks for Every Mood

That’s right! You can just wear one hoody for the different moods of the day. You can wear it when you are too lazy to get up and go out for a walk. You can wear it while watching your favourite movie at home. You can wear it outside as streetwear. You can take it for a jog, a walk or a run. 

The hoodie is one of the most versatile jackets ever invented. It is loved by all because it is comfortable, stylish and easy to wear. 

This winter season, shop only at the best sustainable online store that offers you tons of winter clothing choices: Local Threads. Local Threads have over 30,000 products from 150 Australian brands that sell only ethically produced and sustainable fashion wear. You can choose from different types of jackets like the bomber jacket, faux denim jacket, quilted jacket, puffer jacket and a whole lot more. Help the environment one jacket at a time. Buy only sustainable jackets from now on. 

When shopping Local Threads, you will also be able to help certain charity institutions that some Australian brands support. You can check out their website and be part of this fashion revulotion. is one of Australia's best online stores offering over 30,000 products
from 150 high-quality clothing brands across categories like Womens, Mens, Kids, and Homewares.
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