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Mad for Madras! When to Wear Madras Shorts

Madras Shorts

What is Madras Fabric? Have you heard of it/?

Have you heard of this type of fabric? Have you seen one? You probably have, you just know for to properly and when to properly wear dear.Are you mad about madras? If you can’t get enough of madras then let’s get to know more about them.

Madras is a lightweight cotton fabric that has patterns and textures designed to stand out. It is primarily used as fabric for summer clothing like pants, shorts, dresses, jackets and lungi. It is lightweight and breathable. Its bright colours make it “the” fabric for the summer. 

When Should You Wear Madras Shorts

Madra shorts are for the bold! Because of its print and texture, madras are best worn with solid tops. A white or muted the perfect combination for the Aussie shopper. A polo shirt is best for this daring pair of pants. It is called madras fabric because it originated in Madras, India. Organically, it was handwoven and dyed with natural dyes. This fabric was exported from India to different parts of the world by the British.     

Because it is lightweight and breathable, it is perfect for the Spring and the summer. It is often used as a dress, a skirt, a mini dress, a shirt, polo shirt, long pants and the like. It can also be used as a raw material for wallets, bags,  and skirts and scarves. It is not just summer wear though, you can wear them for all seasons.

Now, for the daring one, wear tagras to strut your stuff.   

Madras was popular all over the world during the 19th century. And by the 20th century, it has been an unwritten rule that we could love madras for all occasions. You can wear it in all 4 seasons. You can wear it even during the winter. But it has been agreed upon as one of the more sustainable summer outfits of Aussies all over the world. 

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