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Minimal Wall Clock

Minimal Wall Clock And Its Uses


Are you a fan of home decor accessories? Or are you a lover of minimalist designs and aesthetics? If yes, you would love our Minimalist Wall Clock.

Get your home looking lovely by purchasing our minimal wall clock. You don’t have to worry about the decor that would fit because we have it available in different hues. 

Things To Note About Our Minimalist Clock

  • The face has an ultra-matte acrylic finish.

  • It has high-quality german manufactured UTS clock movement.

  • It is reliable and doesn’t make a ticking sound

  • It is designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.


You don't have to be a minimalist to use this clock. If you already have a space that is already busy with designs, our minimal clock is a great option to balance out the designs. It helps you achieve the equilibrium you are looking for.

It Comes In Different Colors 

The clock is available in different pastels and shades. You can choose from our range of solid colors; pale purple, muted brush, and almond cream. It also has a two-tone design which consists of two shades of the same color or different colors. The matt finish gives it a premium feel.

A Truly Classic Timepiece 

The simplicity of the design makes the clock the ultimate classic. This makes it a timeless home decor and should still be a player in the game years from now.

It Is Made By One Of Australia’s Finest 

TOO Designs are the creator of the minimalist wall clock. They are a notable brand in Australia known for their classic timepieces. Their watches or clocks are of premium quality. They have a track record you can trust.


These clocks are durable, long-lasting any word you may use to qualify it. With its classic designs, expect a satisfying lifespan from this device. It doesn’t use a battery so, there are no risks of panel damage or battery acid leaks . You can use it for as long as you want.

It is Affordable

The prices of these clocks are the best in the market. Get them now from the store and enjoy free delivery to your home.

We do hope that the reasons above are valid enough for you to get yourself one of our clocks. You can also speak to our customer representative if you need any help.

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