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Rules for Wearing Pleated Shorts For Men

Pleated Shorts

What are pleated shorts?

Pleated shorts have a tiny “fold” that is stitched into the cloth to neatly gather extra fabric. Pleated shorts have the advantage of seeming a bit dressier for formal events because the pleat gives the shorts an illusion that it is just freshly ironed. To help you flaunt your shorts in style, here are 5 rules you should keep in mind.

1.Length is important

When it comes to your overall appearance when wearing shorts, length is one of the most crucial factors. It should be noted that this guideline differs depending on your height as well. Taller men should strive for shorts that end about an inch above the knee while shorter men should choose shorts that end 2 or 3 inches above the knee.

2.Find your fit

Shorts will make everything appear thicker because your lower legs will be exposed. Therefore, tapered, or closely fitting, shorts will be the ideal fit because they make it easier to shift from wearing shorts to showing legs.

3.Don’t show your socks

When wearing shorts, never display your socks. Somehow, showing your socks while wearing shorts makes you appear “tourist-like”. Alternatively, purchase no-show socks or just do not wear socks at all.

4.Style with shirts

Polos and short-sleeve button-ups are good choices for a shirt because of how well their concise style matches the casual warm-weather mood of your fit below the belt. When wearing shorts, it is also important to note that colours should complement one another; typically, the louder the shorts, the more subdued the top should be to prevent clashing.

5.Go sustainable

Nothing can make a man more attractive than when he is pretty inside and out. A way to be pretty on the inside is to care for the environment and you can do that by purchasing sustainable fashion products instead of fast fashion. Choose shorts that can make you look good while being environmentally conscious.

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