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Socks & Gloves

Socks and Gloves for Men and Women Online 


Socks and gloves are a great addition to our wardrobe. Apart from styling, they serve other purposes like providing warmth and protection for your hands and feet. They are usually made from wool or cotton. They are thick and sometimes lightweight, depending on the purpose they are made for. 

Ethically Made Socks and Gloves 

Thinking about the impact the manufacturing process has on the environment is important. At Local Threads, we are enthusiasts of green fashion and use sustainable processes to make these items. The same also goes for our brand partners, as all products sold on our platform are safe and kind to the planet.

Types of Socks 

  • Thigh-high Socks/Over the knee - these extend from the feet to over the knee. It is usually a part of women's clothing.
  • Knee High - these extend from the feet and stop just a little before or on the knee. It is great for high school students
  • Over the Calf - these cover the calf muscles stopping a little below the knee. It is commonly used in the sports industry to protect athletes’ feet and calves.
  • Mid-Calf Socks - these are great warm kits, especially during winter. They run from your feet to your calves but do not cover them entirely.
  • Crew socks - they are great for outdoor physical activities like hiking or running. It protects and covers your feet well. 
  • Quarter socks - these cover your feet to above your ankles. 
  • Ankle socks - these are the perfect socks for loafers or casual shoes. It is comfy and stops right at the ankles.
  • No-show socks - these protect your feet primarily and are usually thin. They are great for loafers and shoes like ballerinas. They do not show at all outside the shoes.
  • Toe/ Mute socks - these cover only the toes to the middle of the feet. They are meant to be worn with footwear like mules, slide shoes, moccasins, etc.


There are various types of gloves. They are made from sustainable processes and are great for men and women.

  • Fabric Gloves 
  • Leather gloves 
  • Metal mesh gloves 
  • Latex gloves 

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