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Local Threads
Local Threads

Sustainable Fashion Designs for the Modern Man and Woman

Sustainable Fashion

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Have you ever thought about what sustainable fashion really is? Have you already heard of sustainable fashion but really do not know what it's all about? It is about time to sink your teeth into this movement because this is not a trend. This is a revolutionary movement that is making waves for the planet and the fashion industry.

Why is Sustainable Fashion Important

Sustainable Fashion is important for the fashion industry because it is of the impact the fast fashion industry has done on the planet. This revolution is making a conscious effort to make the world a better place to live in one t-shirt at a time. If consumers demand this ethical practice in making clothes, brands will follow suit. Always remember the rule of supply and demand. More ethically made products will be produced if more consumers demand for them. Plain and simple. 

Because of technological advancements in the production of clothing, we are now able to create comfortable and stylish ethical sustainable fashion designs for the modern men and women. Do not be mistaken that sustainable wardrobes are itchy on the skin and unstylish. Those are misconceptions of yesteryears. The sustainable fashion of today since 2017 has been comfortable and stylish. Local Australian designers and manufacturers make it a point that all products do not just pass certification standards of being a sustainable brand but also sell only stylish and comfortable wear.

Looking for the Best Online Store for Sustainable Fashion

Local Threads is the best place to look online for sustainable fashion. This online store has about 150 brands to choose from and more than 30,000 products that have passed the sustainability production standards. The store also offers free shipping for all your shopping needs whether you buy just one t-shirt or a box of shirts. is one of Australia's best online stores offering over 30,000 products
from 150 high-quality clothing brands across categories like Womens, Mens, Kids, and Homewares.
Shop Sustainable and Ethical clothes from independent, good-quality clothing brands.
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