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What can I access through myGov?

by Customer Care 11 Jan 2023

You can use myGov to access a range of government services online, including:

Australian Taxation Office (ATO): View and update your tax records, lodge tax returns, and make payments to the ATO.

Centrelink: View and update your payment information, claim benefits, and report changes to your circumstances.

Medicare: View and update your Medicare details, claim benefits, and order a replacement Medicare card.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS):

View and update your NDIS plan.
Access your participant portal.
Connect with service providers.

Child Support: View and pay your child support payments, update your personal details, and access other child support services.

To access these services through myGov, you must link your myGov account to the relevant agencies. You can do this by clicking the "Link a service" button in the top right corner of the myGov homepage and following the prompts.

Not all government services are available through myGov; some may require you to access a different platform or process. If you are having trouble accessing a particular service through myGov, please don't hesitate to contact the myGov helpdesk for help.

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