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Case Study LTVSP increased's Organic Revenue by 140%

by Editorial Staff 14 Sep 2023

We have some exciting news to share! 🎉🥳

Discover the meticulous strategies employed by LTVSP to drive unprecedented revenue growth at

Read how leverages expert strategies to optimize revenue streams, securing its position as an industry leader.

As one of the leading supplier of medical products, ToBe Healthcare has partnered with LT VSP, to optimize their digital marketing strategy and saw incredible results. Our team deliberately blended their brand's tone of voice with on-brand touchpoints, resulting in a considerable improvement in channel performance.

LTVSP Succeed To Increase The Revenue of - A Healthcare Legends!

Take a look at the impressive comparison of periods before and after Local Threads started working with ToBe Healthcare:

- Organic Revenue increased by 140%
- Transactions increased by 131%
- Referral increased by 171%

Kudos to our team for their expertise and commitment to delivering results that exceed our expectations. 👏👏👏

Ready to take your eCommerce strategy to the next level? Contact LT VSP today.

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