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Elevating Excellence: Is Establishing Non-Executive Directors at LT VSP Going Overboard?

by Editorial Staff 02 Sep 2023

When establishing non-executive directors, some may perceive it as an exaggeration, an overly complicated endeavor. However, through my personal experiences, I've come to grasp the profound significance of this step for a company's growth and sustainable development.

I consider myself an incredibly fortunate individual. Throughout my limited and non-professional career, I've encountered numerous opportunities and seized a couple by a stroke of luck.

These experiences have shaped the person I am today. But there has always been one perplexing aspect: whether in China or Australia, it often unfolds differently than anticipated when I meticulously plan something. Conversely, when I adopt a relaxed attitude, embracing change, unexpected and delightful surprises tend to emerge.

This phenomenon brings to mind the phrase "Out of the shadows, another oasis appears, "as if there's an inexplicable force in these mysterious occurrences.

Upon arriving in Australia, I was confident, firmly believing that my experience, background, and available resources could lead me to recreate past successes.

However, after four years of entrepreneurial endeavors, I've grown resolute in acknowledging a crucial truth: excessive self-assurance in a company's leader is detrimental. It's essential to retain a trace of self-doubt and to allow oneself to admit to not knowing everything.

I frequently share coffee moments with Eric Lee, the initial investor in my ventures. Though this might appear to outsiders as mere formalities, to me, every encounter represents an invaluable opportunity for observation.

Engaging in conversations with him has gradually reaffirmed my judgments. If I were to sum up Eric in a single phrase, it would be "letting go of the self and embracing possibilities."

I often ask him why he refrains from active entrepreneurship in Australia, to which he nonchalantly responds, "I lack the ability." However, when questioned about achieving financial freedom, he casually attributes it to "being lucky."

Initially, I dismissed this as a classic display of Chinese-style modesty. Yet, as I've navigated the trials and self-improvement of the Australian entrepreneurial landscape, I've realized that Eric accurately assesses his professional skills and the context in which he operates.

This is indeed his superpower. While I ventured forward with unwavering self-confidence and a scattergun approach, he employed a sniper's mindset, focusing on precise choices and connections.

Undeniably, encountering Eric, this "lucky individual lacking ability" has proven fortunate for me, another "lucky individual lacking ability." He has taught me that the key to success is the equilibrium between humility and confidence, combined with the precision of assessing one's professional skills and the environment.
Not too long ago, I officially unveiled LT VSP's vision: Connecting all the facets of beauty.

In retrospect, I inadvertently incorporated the realm of the unknown and uncontrollable into our company's developmental aspirations. I must summon the courage to admit what I don't know and to be conscious of my limitations in various domains. However, I am determined not to allow stubbornness and arrogance to deprive me of fortunate circumstances should they come my way again.

As a company leader, should I fail to "release the self and embrace possibilities," it would be a disservice to our clients. The contentment of our clients rests solely upon my attitude.

One of the primary aims behind LT VSP's establishment of non-executive directors is to structurally prevent a recurrence of becoming stagnant. Even if I cannot entirely fathom the workings of the world, maintaining an open mindset is essential. Engaging in dialogue with entrepreneurs superior to me is a path we must undertake together.

This is optimal for the company and our clients. While I might not wholly favor or endorse it on a personal level, it's the area where I need to put forth effort. Only through these efforts can I, the company, and our clients journey forward in a more fortunate trajectory.

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