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Autumn 2022 fashion trends

by Local Threads 28 Feb 2022

Written by Zenda Nel
Fashion sustainability reporter


As fashion changes fast, keeping up with the latest fashion trends is virtually impossible. As much as trends seem to change every couple of weeks, they stay similar by using the same elements repeatedly, just tweaked a bit.

Fashion trends for autumn 2022 are all over the place, from the naked look that shows everything to oversized teddy bear pieces that hide everything. Women's breasts are getting special attention, and so are their legs, but arms are hidden under yards of fabric. One thing that seems to be a constant is clunky footwear worn with anything. 

Designers are justifying their outlandish creations by telling the world that we need fun after the gloom of the pandemic. Apparently, sequins for daywear will put the joy back into life. Let's take a trip down fashion lane; it's a crazy, informative ride.

  • The mini is here to stay
  • As shown by: Burberry, Chanel, and Versace

    From tiny snips of fabric to full, pleated little numbers, the mini is in for autumn 2022. Styled cleverly, the mini can look pretty and preppy, taking you back to your high school days. Plaits are all the rage still, so look out for that. If it's adorned with sequins, you've won the jackpot.

  • The maxi skirt is also on show
  • As shown by: Schiaparelli, and Chanel

    Mostly in monochrome colours, and slim or full, maxi skirts that skim the floor is also a go-to look for this autumn. Choose light fabrics that are not too warm and wear your skirt with sandals for a casual look. Crop tops are the preferred match for the maxi skirt. 

  • Denim is still with us
  • As shown by: Chanel

    In line with sitting behind a computer working from home, denim has become super comfortable – no tight-fitting, ass-showing pants. We have oversized pants with an elasticised waist and huge jackets you can comfortably drown in.

  • Plaids everywhere
  • As shown by: New York Fashion Week

    From full-length long-sleeved coats to minis and off-the-shoulder dresses, plaids are everywhere. Dresses, skirts (long and short), ponchos, gloves, and shoes – you name it, it will be available in a plaid pattern. So, if you're really stuck for something to say ''this is 2022'', just buy something in plaid.


    Photo by Amirhosain Gazor on Unsplash

  • Bras have become tops
  • As shown by: Rosie Assoulin and Coach

    Bras, especially tiny ones, have been promoted from underwear to outerwear. Designers want you to wear yours to match your pants. Not sure how one pulls this off, unless you can buy the bra and pants together as an item. The preferred colours seem to be black, denim, and white.

  • Three-piece suits are in
  • As shown by:  Tory Burch, Brandon Maxwell, and Veronica Beard.

    For those who feel like an equestrian look and is partial to tweed, a three-piece suit is just the thing. Tweed jackets worn with skirts or trousers are also a popular look. The styles are relaxed, but polished, just right for a luncheon at the club. 

  • Knots at the neckline
  • As shown by: The Row, Maria Cornejo, Tory Burch, Lee Mathews

    If you have been wondering about the obsession with knots on shoulders, heads and necklines, let me remind you of our 2020 meetings on Zoom. Designers have been thinking of ways to make what you see in the video call frame attractive and that includes knotting, twisting and draping textiles in innovative ways. These details are still present in fall garments.

  • In case you were wondering about colour…
  • As shown by: Moschino, Roberto Cavalli, and De La Renta

    The autumn’s colours are not so much about one or two colours; it's about the entire rainbow of colours all worn together in one garment.  From one-piece dresses to miss-matched pants and tops, and patchwork tops and pants, you can have the entire rainbow of colours on your body on your way out the door. 

  • Cut-outs are a thing
  • As shown by: Sir the Label, Matilda Djerf

    Cut-outs, a favourite with celebrities on the red carpet, is still prevalent, but now everyone can join the party. At the beginning of this fashion trend, cuts were strategically placed to reveal a slither of skin; these days, just about nothing is left to the imagination. Sir the Label and Matilda Djerf have a more subtle take on the skin-baring trend.

  • Voluminous sleeves
  • As shown by: Eskandar, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Loewe 

    Sleeves that are way too long, huge shoulder pads and enormous sleeves that distort the silhouette are still with us. The sleeves appear on dresses, tops, coats and jackets. I suspect it might be an exciting piece of clothing to try out, but it will soon date. These sleeves look like accidents sewn onto clothing.

  • Clunky shoes
  • As shown by: Versace, Dua Lipa and Olivia Rodrigo


    Photo by Davide Ligabue on Unsplash

    Tractor tyre shoes are all the rage, and don't think for a moment that they only go with shorts and pants. No, mam. They are just fine with anything you care to wear them with. They come in every colour of the rainbow and are made from various materials. Celebrities have been seen wearing them paired with minis.

  • Don a balaclava 
  • As shown by: Loewe, Rick Owens, and Cortiez

    Now here is a fashion trend that's in a league of its own. Headgear traditionally worn to avoid recognition and surveillance has become a major fashion statement. TikTok played a role in starting off the balaclava trend with its many fashionistas posting videos of themselves in balaclavas and sunglasses. The latest iteration of an item traditionally worn by soldiers and made by coarse materials, now comes in soft wools and fleece. Match it with your oversized quilted jacket, and you're set.

  • Quilted jackets
  • As shown by: Frankie Shop, Celine, Miu Miu, Hermès, and Chanel

    A lightweight quilted jacket is just the thing for those in-between weather days and luckily they are still fashionable. As with some other garments, the quilted jackets can also be oversized. The quilted jacket was on-trend at all the major fashion houses this fall. Khaki, grey, black and white are the colours to go for.

    quilted jacket

    Photo by Daniel Adesina on Unsplash

  • The teddy bear look
  • As shown by: Burberry, Chanel, and Jill Sandler 

    The teddy bear look is applied to all clothing items, from coats, and jackets to dresses, and long boots, mostly in camel but black, mottle and pink also feature. The fabric is mostly faux fur that gives the desired look. For a cosy feel that's warm and comforting, get yourself a teddy bear jacket. 

  • Glitter in the morning
  •  As shown by: Ssence, Gucci, Zara, and Ekhaus Latta

    After a year or more of staying at home, people are ready to party, and they don't want to wait till evening to dress for the event. Sequins are appearing on all sorts of daywear and people are loving it. You can find denim jackets, pants, skirts, dresses and boiler suits all adorned with sequins to give glitter to your day.

  • Go back to the seventies with a crochet dress
  • As shown by: Missoni, Miu Miu

    Light and a feather and see-through, long crochet dresses in black and white can be seen on the streets of New York. This popular craft has taken the fashion world by storm in the last year or two and shows no sign of dissipating. A short, crop gilet over a summer dress is a lovely look for the autumn of 2022. 

  • When all else fails, layer
  • As shown by: Off White, Noah NYC, and Burberry

    If you can only afford one fashion item, incorporate it into your everyday style by layering it with items from your current wardrobe. One layered look that has become popular is wearing a hoodie under a blazer. Hoodies have been very on-trend since the pandemic, and going back to the office doesn't mean you have to abandon your favourite pandemic item; you can simply wear it under your jacket to work. We have seen a leather jacket over a long top, over a skirt, over pants. Be careful how you choose what you're going to wear together – you can easily end up looking like a hobo. 

  • Invest in a skirt suit
  • As shown by: De la Renta, Adam Lippes, and Sergio Hudson,

    For a day at the office, a short skirt teamed with a matching lightweight jacket is perfect for autumn weather. This item comes in the ever-popular plaid look, bold-printed fabrics and also mono-coloured.  The look has been very popular on TikTok.  

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