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Back to Work Must-Haves for Her

by Local Threads 31 Jan 2022

Written by Zenda Nel
Sustainability reporter

After months of hanging around in trackies, leggings and sweaters during various lockdowns, one of two things may have happened: either you loathe the idea of donning office wear again, or you can’t wait to look smart again.

Having worked from home since March 2020, it’s daunting to face the commute again, let alone doing it in formal office outfits, not to speak of high heels. It’s time to start thinking about coordinates again and planning what you’re going to wear during the week.

Well, the basic rules stay the same: to simplify decision-making, keep to neutral colours; only this time around, it might help you to ease into the office getup by combining your outfits with some of your favourite loungewear. Just adding a smart lightweight blazer would be enough to make you feel comfortable and look professional.

For the Australian professional woman who favours ethical and sustainable brands, Local Threads is the place to shop.  The platform features a wide choice of clothing, handbags, jewellery, and other accessories to help you look your best without harming the environment. Here are a few suggestions to inspire you.

  • Head over to Belle & Bloom for everything you need
  • You can find anything you need for your summer work wardrobe at Belle & Bloom. The brand produces classic office wear and accessories. Famous for their wool coats, leather handbags and accessories, Belle & Bloom also designs and manufactures stylish blouses, shirts, skirts, dresses, belts, shoes, bags and scarves fit for today’s career woman.  

    The brand has several dresses in their portfolio – a clever choice for busy women, since you don’t have to match it with a top or a bottom. All you need is a chic piece of jewellery, and you’re right to go.

    Consider buying yourself a Summer Forever Mini Dress for $139.95.

    Summer blue dress

  • A stylish skirt from Everly Collective
  • You can buy your entire office wear wardrobe at Everly Collective. The brand caters for women who want to look smart but not formal. You can choose from skirts, cardigans, and dresses. Get yourself an All I Want Satin Skirt. These skirts are slim-fitting and form-flattering, so you’ll look and feel great in one. They come with an elastic waistband – talk about comfort and style in one! 

    Get it for $99.00.

    All These Years Satin Skirt - Black

  • Shop at Cazinc the Label for a great pair of pants
  • You can shop at Cazinc the Label for pants, mini skirts and light-weight jackets to augment your office wardrobe. We suggest getting a pair of Victoria Wide Leg Pants – they are functional and stylish and will look great with a crisp white blouse. 

    The pants are reasonably priced at $89.00.

    Victoria Wide Leg Pants - White

  • Boost your office wardrobe with a blouse or shirt from Issue Clothing
  • Blouses and shirts are must-haves for work. Issue Clothing has shirts and blouses that look both casual and dressy, so they work for a casual business and a more formal corporate environment. On mornings when you are in a rush and don’t have time to think, a basic white shirt can be a lifesaver. 

    For a classic, tailored look, buy yourself the Classic White Tailored Shirt. This basic item will stretch your office wardrobe in the right direction.

    Buy one for $130

  • Head over to Saint Rose for casual outfits
  • Saint Rose has a wide range of casual skirts, pants and tops that would look good in an office environment. Teamed with a more formal item, you will look the part without feeling or looking stuffy. 

    Opt for this season’s must-have statement tee – a crew neck number with shoulder pad detail that’s very versatile. You can tuck it into high-waisted skirts or trousers or wear it loose over skirts or pants.

    Buy your Livia Padded Shoulder Tee for $39.


  • Give your office wardrobe an edge with a blouse from Wow Studio
  • This lovely pale pink shirt has an elegant and draped look with a unique gold leaf-shaped fastening. You can pair this versatile piece with the company’s Galaxy Jacket, Galaxy Skirt or Trousers in the Floral Universe collection. This shirt will give any woman bags of confidence to handle any board meeting or presentation to high-profile clients.    

    Get your Wandering Planet Shirt for $129.


  • Win over the world with a sexy skirt from Evangeline
  • Evangeline has the most stylish miniskirts and tops you can wish for. Team up one of their skirts with one of your shirts or blouses in your cupboard. Fortunately, they come in basic colours that are easy to pair with pieces you already have. Pro tip: when buying tops and bottoms, always buy items that match with one or two items you already have.

    The Evangeline miniskirts come in white, black, blush pink and ruby red.  Get your black one for $60 and enjoy!

    Chloe Mini Skirt Black

  • Don’t freeze in the boardroom –buy a pants suit from Mackenzie Mode
  • All the pieces this brand sells are striking. If you are the kind of woman who likes to make an entrance, this brand is for you. A pair of pants from Mackenzie Mode is perfect for the ambitious career woman who wants to spread an aura of confidence.

    Invest in a pair of Wintercress Pants for $99, and if you know that you’re going to sit the whole day in a meeting with the air-con set to freezing levels, team it up with a matching lightweight blazer for $160.

    Wintercress pants and blazer by Mackenzie Mode

    Wintercress Pants - White Check

  • Look cool and fresh with an outfit from Why Mary
  • Why Mary has a range of summer dresses and skirts that will keep you cool on your way to work. You can invest in one of their capped sleeve dresses or one of the jumpsuits. A well-fitting jumpsuit can look stylish and you can pair it with a lightweight blazer or a loose-fitting button-up blouse for a more formal look. Besides, wearing a jumpsuit will have you instantly ready for those drinks after work.

    Get yours for $99.

    Valente The Label - Coco Jumpsuit / Beige

  • For an informal but stylish look, Zoha Online is it
  • This range of clothes is not suitable for a corporate setting, but if you have your own business and enjoy making a statement through what you wear, you will find something at Zoha Online. All the pants, dresses, tops and kimonos are utterly unique. Depending on the nature of the business, many of the pieces in this range would be suitable for the office. We particularly like the little cropped jacket, which will transform any outfit, yet be cool for summer.

    Covered with intricate embroidery in muted colours, this is a piece you’ll love forever. Buy it for $169.


  • Round your outfit off with a bag from Lauprene
  • No outfit is complete without the right handbag. What you need is a bag that’s stylish, but large enough to fit in anything you’ll need while you’re at work and durable so you can use it for a reasonable length of time. For women who prefer not to buy leather bags, a bag from Lauprene will fit the bill. The bags are made from high-quality perforated ''wetsuit'' fabric, making them lightweight and water-resistant. 

    Get yours for $120.

    Neoprene Bags

  • Complete your look with a bespoke piece from Fairina Cheng
  • Fairina Cheng crafts unique jewellery. Each of her rings, pendants and her earrings speak of faultless design and craftsmanship. Whether you walk into the office doors as an employee or the boss, with the right attire complemented with the right jewellery, you’ll make an indelible impression on everyone you interact with during your office day.

    All her pieces are beautiful, but we are particularly taken with the Angle Citrine Ring at $395.

    Angle Citrine Ring

  • Affordable jewellery from Noah The Label
  • If you are one of those women who feel naked without jewellery but don’t want to spend a fortune, Noah The Label is for you. This Australian brand produces bracelets, rings, pendants, and necklaces at very reasonable prices. The designs are simple but make a great impression.

    Get yourself a Florence Necklace for $59.

    Florence Necklace

  • For your commute, invest in earphones from Friendie Audio 
  • Commuting to work is stressful, and if you can listen to music through noise-cancelling earphones, the stress dissipates. Friendie manufactures high-tech headphones that look like accessories. They look so beautiful, they will match your style perfectly. Wear them anywhere you need to escape from noise to your personal world of music.

    Get your Air Zen 2.0 Pink Earbuds for $200.00

    AIR ZEN 2.0 Pink Earbuds (In Ear Wireless Headphones) - Supporting Breast Cancer Research

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