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Valentine's Day: Dress to impress for him

by Local Threads 14 Feb 2022

Mike-Dave Ayeni
Sustainable Fashion Writer


Reds, whites and hearts season, candlelit dinners and wine dates are special any time of the year, but even more so on Valentine's Day.

Even if you have not quite finalised your Valentine's day plans yet, we're going to be helping you with a little aspect of that— your outfit!

Check out our selection of the best fits to turn your date into a wonderful Midsummer Night's Dream.

  • Overtone Long Sleeve Linen Shirt by Rusty

There are very few fashion items more princely and chic than a loose-fitting white shirt. Channel your inner Prince Charming this Valentine and sweep your Valentine completely off her feet in Rusty's Whisper White Overtone Linen shirt while being completely at home and comfortable in your own skin. After all, she's there for the real you.

Get it for $79.99

  • Beige Raw Hem L/S T-Shirt by Caye Collection

A casual masculine statement piece, perfect for both in and outdoor wear, we give you the Caye Collection Long Sleeve T-Shirts.

Thanks to the one-of-a-kind and extremely limited production, as well as the unique beige colour, you are sure to stand out on your date on Valentine's Day. This handcrafted tee will help you be more comfortably expressive, have fun and be relaxed.

Price: On sale for $29.97

  • Rose Gold by True North Collective

Designed right in Sydney by True North collective, the Rose Gold watch was created to be a blend of class, style and affordability, and it is. Its contemporary design coupled with a minimalistic style is exactly what you need in a date night accessory, sure to impress your date beyond words. Sporting features like the True North Collective signature engraved rose silhouette as well as the logo engraved into the red leather strap, this watch is a beauty only rivalled by your Valentine.

Get it On Sale for $40

  • Navy Velvet Self Tie Bow by ORTC

Maybe you are in the mood for a suit and tie date— perhaps even planning a very special announcement (wink), this dashing velvet bow tie by ORTC was made especially for you! Picture fancy restaurants, champagne, and menus in French, the very image of elegance and sophistication. The self-tie bow is hand made entirely from cotton and also made entirely to impress.

Get it On sale for $29.95

  • Double Zebra in Beige- Towel for Two by Sand Society

Are you planning a romantic beach picnic? This lovely item is what you need to tie it all together. Measuring 160cm by 160cm, there is definitely room for two on this Sand Society creation. Twice the size of a normal beach towel, it also dries in half the time. It also doesn't collect sand or odours and, what's best, is sustainably made from recycled water bottles (40 in each towel!)

Get it for $110

  • JP Men's Belt in Brown by LA ENVIRO

Going the way of date accessories (and generally), you should get a new belt. This lovely handmade leather number by LA ENVIRO was named after the phenomenal actor, Joaquin Phoenix and is created from vegan leather in the formal three-piece construction. It is designed to last and made to be very durable, sporting a square buckle finished in antique silver.

Get it for $55.00

  • The Deaftone 18 Chino Shorts by Rusty

Perfect for your relaxing date on the beach with bae, this falcon coloured linen-blend silicon wash piece by Rusty will keep you comfortable while engaging your significant other. Can be paired with anything from a long sleeve shirt to a comfy tee, this is the best look for a fun, laid back Valentine experience.

Get it for $79.99

  • Resort Swim Shorts- Tropical Nights by Mossman

These shorts were built for cannonballing into the water— especially with your favourite person watching. If your date idea is a beach or resort getaway (or has anything to do with water and swimming) pick these to look good and still have so much fun.

These black shorts with a dark grey palm print pattern are made to be fitting, comfortable and quick-drying with a four-way stretch and close-fitting lines. They also come in multiple colours and patterns.

Get it for $69.95

  • Contrast Shorts by Aylesbury

Picture a daytime tour date exploring the city views and sights, trying out new food and visiting new (or old) places— a total summer dream. The Contrast Shorts are a wardrobe must-have for any style king. These above-the-knee cotton shorts satisfy all expectations in terms of comfort and style. You'll be living in them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to their new and original style!

This piece by Aylesbury provides all the comfort and mobility you require to have fun swinging from place to place with the love of your life. 

Get it for $64.95

  • Destii Natural Long Sleeve Linen Shirt

"Fancy enough to be worn at a wedding, yet comfy enough to be thrown on at the beach."

The DESTii long sleeve linen shirt is a classic piece that is sure to become your next go-to date night outfit. This shirt is made with 100% natural linen (which, amazingly, is great for the environment) and pre-shrunk fabrics (which means no surprises in the first wash). This shirt is designed to impress your love interest and make you stand out! 

Get if for $109.95

  • Acid Wash Tee by Aylesbury

Talk about a casual dinner or movie date to unwind and spend time with the person you love, the Aylesbury Acid Wash Tee will provide you with enough comfort for two. A relaxed fit made of a 100% cotton, it is also very breathable and can be worn all day for a long day out.

Get it for $59.00

  • The Nixon/Grey Marle by Rode

An oversize classic style T-shirt designed right here in Australia, this will have you enjoying the most convenience on your outdoors dates this season. The soft grey cotton shirt, classically embroidered with Rode's signature logo is all the casual vogue you need.

Get it on sale for $24.00

  • Adams Ale Short Sleeve Shirt by Rusty

This fit was created by Rusty with a night out drinking ale (or wine and mojitos) in mind. The Cuban collar gives off just the right amount of informal vibes while keeping it classy and the simple fit keeps things relaxed and airy. Because of the lightweight and soft nature of rayon shirting, the comfort and breathability have been increased with a breezy flow. It's the perfect shirt to lend you the confidence to bare your heart out on such a special day— or even a first date.

Get it on sale for $41.99.

  • The Jordan in Light Blue by Rode

Carefully created from a textured waffle fabric, the Jordan shirt by Rode is perfectly elegant in its own right. A classic button-up shirt, the powder blue shade adds the perfect combination of light and texture to this gorgeously luxurious yet simple and comfortable piece. This piece can be paired with anything from beach shorts to dress trousers, just have fun creating your suave look made to dazzle your beloved.

Get it for $149.00

  • The Manhattan in Black by Rode

Nothing says 'mysterious' more than a midnight black shirt. The Manhattan was created by Rode to be an oversize fit and is sure to have you looking astounding to every pair of eyes that settle on you— especially one pair in particular. Whatever you pair with it decides exactly where it lies on the smart to casual spectrum, but whatever it is you pick, we are confident that you will look amazing! Made of a 100% rayon. 

Get it for $109.00

  • The San Sebastian Linen Shirt by Vacay Swimwear

Vacay Swimwear's San Sebastian Linen Shirt is a necessary wardrobe must-have his summer. A tailored fit made from 100% linen, it is amazingly comfortable. Don't be afraid at all to pair this shirt up with any one of the shorts on the list to create an effortlessly classic look. Be ready to steal breaths in fit. You either Valentine in style, or don't Valentine at all.

Get if for $99.99

  • Manila Cargo Straight Fit by Rusty

Nicer pants have scarcely been made than this six pockets straight piece given by Rusty. The fabric used in creating this masterpiece is cotton twill and it is beyond comfortable for pretty much any kind of date you may pick at any time of day. You'll have unrestricted fun with no discomfort.

Get it for $89.99

Shopping for a date can be a little stressful, but we have offered you our help to take off some of the stress and provide you with a range of wonderful outfit options. Try out this guide we have made for you this Valentine and you can be assured that you're about to go on your coolest date yet. We have you covered and there's even more, to check out, purchase and experience on the Local Threads Website. Have fun this Valentine. We're rooting for you!


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