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2 Step Method on How To Store Your Aaina &amp Co Jewellery

Aaina & Co Jewellery

Jewellery is a woman’s best friend. It isn’t just beautiful, it is also one of the most valuable accessories a woman can have to make herself stand out. On an evening date, you must have a necklace and an earring. In a cocktail event, you also have accessories with jewellery. During a gala night, you can wear your more expensive fine jewellery.

But you have to make sure that after an event or after wearing them you care for them to make them retain that sparkle and brilliance. 

Read on to check out these 2 simple tips on how to store your jewellery. 

Step 1. Cleaning Before Storing

You do not need a professional cleaner to clean the jewellery for you. Before storing them after use, you can just gently wipe them with a clean cloth. By wiping them carefully you remove the acidity that your body has transferred to them. If you look closely, you will see that they can be a little bit oily. Most of the time you wouldn't notice this but if you do not wipe your jewellery before storing it will keep the oil with it in storage and might be the cause for it to tarnish.

You can also deep clean your jewellery by dipping them in lukewarm water and using a soft toothbrush or paint brush, mildly brushing away the dirt and debris. Finally, gently pat the excess water and dry it before storage.

Jewellery stores also have an ultrasonic way of cleaning your jewellery professionally. You can take your jewellery to them at least once a year.

Step 2. Store in a Cool, Dry Space

With the high humidity and change in temperatures in Australia, jewellerys can degrade and tarnish over time. They should be stored in a place that is not too cold or hot either but at room temperature. It should be away from direct sunlight. 

Aina and Co Jewellery

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