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Cargo Pants


In case you don't even know what a Cargo pants or cargo trousers is, they are also sometimes called combat pants or combat trousers named to fit after their original purpose as military workwear. Cargo pants are loosely cut pants originally designed for rough work environments and outdoor activities and because of the purpose of their making, they are distinguished by numerous large utility pockets for carrying tools.

Can the Cargo pant be worn today?

There is the cargo pants and there's also the cargo shorts and both have become popular as an urban wear. People now take cargo pant as a good fashion also because of how convenient they are to make the daily works more easy to be carried out since they are loose-fitting and quite convenient for carrying extra items with it's numerous pocket spaces.

How do I style a Cargo Pant?

The Cargo pants is a fashionable one on it's own but however, it may prove complex when it comes to picking the right style and bringing out your desired look. So when shopping for a cargo pant, try considering one that would not look too long or too big on you. The pant looks big on it's own so picking a more firmer one would come out more appropriately styled. The Cargo pants can be worn by both male and female.

Where do I get a quality cargo pant?

The Local Threads has the best solution for this. At, we support Local Independent Clothing Brands to shop for good-quality clothes and so, we can guarantee you of durable product. Our wears are long lasting and all worth your money.

How do I get my orders?

Another beautiful benefit you enjoy from shopping from us is having your order delivered to your doorstep. We offer free delivery and accessible shipping facilities all across Australia.

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