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Costume is the distinctive style of dress or cosmetic of an individual or group that reflects class, gender, profession, ethnicity, nationality, activity or epoch. In short, costume is a cultural visual of the people. It is a part of a person's culture that can be seen and you can tell the culture of a man by the kind of attire He puts on.

The term 'costume' was also traditionally used to describe a typical appropriate wear for specific activities. This general word usage has gradually been replaced by the other terms such as dress, attire, robes or wear and usage of "costume" has become more limited but either ways we still see how costume has evolved from old modes into today's fashion.

Types of Costumes

Costumes are of different types ranging from the type of occasion or celebration and pattern of event. However, here a list of the popular types of costumes:

Halloween costume

Dance costume

Creature suit

Stage clothe

Angels costume and many others.

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