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Local Threads

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Ethical Brands

Modern Australians Wearing Ethical Brands 

Australians care about the planet and love to be as eco-friendly as possible but sometimes we tend to forget about sustainability and ethical brands because of the convenience of shopping fast fashion. Be more conscious about what you buy and where you buy them so that you can be part of a movement that takes care of the planet one shirt at a time. 

Choose only from ethically sourced brands because of the following reasons:

1.Enough with the Fast Fashion Industry

I’m sure you have had enough of the adverse effects of the climate change that we are experiencing as a global planet. Although Australia has plenty of natural resources, this cannot be used as an excuse to deplete these resources. If you are to shop for fashion, be sure you are shopping for ethical fashion.

2.Stylish and Comfortable

Ethically produced clothing is also stylish and as comfortable as fast fashion products. Gone are the days when ethical fashion means wearing rough teak leaves that irritate the skin. With the advancement of the process of making textile, ethically fashionable clothing are now as soft as ever and as stylish as ever. Local Australian brands create art with sustainably made materials.

3.Best Priced

Local Threads Ethical Fashion Brands are best-priced products. There are discount tags on most of the products giving your Australian Dollar more purchasing power. Different brands also offer seasonal sale which is good for the thrifty shopper. Price tags can have as high as 80% discount, especially during the end of the season. With over 30,000 products to choose from, you will be able to buy at least one discounted shirt. 

Choose Local Threads online shop when choosing from different sustainable brands. Delivery is free for any purchase. Be conscious about your shopping habits and shop sustainably. is one of Australia's best online stores offering over 30,000 products
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Shop Sustainable and Ethical clothes from independent, good-quality clothing brands.
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