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Local Threads
Local Threads


Shop Fancy Face Masks Online At Good Rates


The emergence of the covid 19 virus has changed fashion in a very dramatic way. Not only do we have to wear face masks regularly but also we have had to incorporate them into contemporary style. They are not only style elements but also have a protective function for your eyes. Buy quality nose masks from us at a fantastic offer now. 

The mask consists of at least three layers of fabric inclusive of a fiber mesh, with two elastic loops by the side. These loops are used to fasten the masks to your face. They are available in different designs and patterns to suit your preferred outfit.

They are stylish and great accessories for outdoor events and all. 

Some are made with cotton or fiber but each is from natural sources. This makes them sustainable and great for the planet.

Ethical Masks For Men And Women.

Local Threads is an eco-friendly and sustainable fashion e-commerce store in Australia. With 30,000+ products and over 150 brand partners, we are transforming the world of fashion into a more earth-conscious one. We want to help you protect your health but not at the expense of looking good. Green fashion is also known as slow fashion and it is basically a lifestyle or trend that embraces the use of natural products to produce clothes or accessories. Materials like pinatex (pineapple leather), vegan leather, natural fabrics; cotton, wool etc. Our masks are eco-friendly and have a filter to avoid toxic particles or gases from entering your air canal.

Masks Designs Available For Men And Women

Our collection of masks includes various designs, prints, and patterns. They also come at affordable prices and have long-lasting quality. We have them in male, female and unisex designs.

Being an indigenous brand in Australia, our platform serves as the bridge between potential clients and many Australian fashion labels.

They are notable brands that have had a rich and highly successful business record over the years. 


The masks are suitable for any kind of event. You just have o choose a color that goes with your outfits.  

Check out some of our best-selling designs on our platform. Also, enjoy free delivery when you buy your mask from us.

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