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Local Threads
Local Threads


Be You, In Our Stylish Sunglasses Collection


Sunglasses are not only style elements but also have a protective function for your eyes. Buy quality sun shades from Local Threads at a fantastic offer now. 

Sunglasses are framed eyewear that consists of a lens and handles. The lenses are usually colored/tinted to protect your eyes from excessive sunlight. Some lenses are photochromic; they can adjust to the degree of light available in a space. They are stylish and great accessories for outdoor events and all. They are great beach accessories too. 

Some are made of tempered glass, and some, of aluminium. The lenses are not sturdy and are easy to clean.  

These shades are great and incredibly fashionable.

Ethical Sunglasses In Australia.

Local Threads is an eco-friendly and sustainable fashion e-commerce store in Australia. With 30,000+ products and over 150 brand partners, we are transforming the world of fashion into a more environmentally conscious one. We m you look good without any expense to your health or the earth. Green fashion is basically fashion that embraces the use of natural products to make clothes or accessories.  Our glasses are eco-friendly and conducive to your health. 

Our Sunshade Designs You Should Try Out 

The prices of our eyewear collection are second to none, that is, we are the best in the market. We give you tested quality at amazing rates.  This distinguishes us from a sea of stores as we sell the best.

We are big on supporting our own therefore, each vendor you see on our platform is indigenous to Australia. These brands have a reputation for producing the best in the market yearly.   


Our sunglasses are durable and are classy to rock. They are great for casual outings, especially those outdoors.  

Check out some of our best-selling designs on our platform;

  • Nada by Bird and Hill - it has a rectangular frame designed for the free-spirited woman. It is lightweight and is a great travel accessory. It comes in a pouch and is very easy to care for.

  • Round Frames - these are great for square-shaped faces. It is available in unisex designs. They are stylish and make you look good. 

Free Delivery On All Sunglasses Orders

When you buy your eyewear from us, we bring it to your doorstep at no cost.

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