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Trench Coats


A trench coat is an outer garment made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton gabardine drill, leather, or poplin. One of the coolest fact  about a trench coat is that it was originally developed for soldiers. It was used in the trenches during the First World War which gave the reason for the name Trench Coat. Today, it has moved from being a soldier wear to being one of the most admirable clothe for both men and women.

Amazing fact about the Trench coat

The Trench Coat comes with a functional design and it comes with wide pockets and a belt. The belt can be of great help in adjusting the coat according to the size of your body or however you desire to have it and the look you are going for. The coat's pocket then helps in keeping your valuables and other items of it's size or even go as much as serving your hands the warm feeling in times of extra chilly days. Moreover, the longer the length of the coats, the more your legs get to enjoy protection from rain.

Trench Coats has the amazing features of being able to fit into a formal look and as well going well with a casual look. It offers both the casual and formal styling patterns so you could easily wear it to your workplace, office dinner, hangouts and many others.

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