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Walls play a significant role in interior decor. They can carry emotion or be as bland as they can be. It all depends on you. Your style sense will tell a lot about your home. 

Your space should be treated with such reverence that anyone knows that you don't joke with your walls. 

Your walls can go from zero to a hundred quickly depending on how you accessorize them.

Sustainable Wall Decor Accessories 

When we say 'sustainable" we mean that the items are natural and eco-friendly. That is they are not harmful to you or the environment. 

There are various items you can use to beautify your walls. Some of them are 

  • The Too-Tone Wall clock- has a round surface covered with two different shades of color. The colors could be the same or not. This area has an ultra-matt acrylic finish. It is minimalistic and it is perfect for cool spaces. It gives a mature feel to your space.
  • Wall Art- this is simply art done on the wall. It could be a fresh design or a remake of an existing one.
  • Framed Artworks- these include paintings, abstract drawings, pencil art, and more. They simply accentuate your space and add more life to it. 
  • Framed Portraits- photographs on walls do a great job in storytelling. You can capture the history of your family, and your business by setting up the right pictures and all. 
  • Shelf - this is used to hold books, vases, and other antiques on the wall. If you love reading hard-copy books, you should have one of these in your spaces. Go ahead and add a little flower pot or antique to beautify it.  

Get Our Wall Decor Items At Good Prices.

Local Threads brings you quality decor material at the best deals. We have made renovation easier by selling the best interior items at jaw-dropping prices. All items are supplied by reputable Australian interior decor brands. We have amazing offers for you on our website. 

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