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Alternative Nike Pro Shorts 2024 Top Brands Shorts Australia

by Editorial Staff 11 Jan 2024

Finding a great pair of shorts should be straightforward enough. Most people simply want a pair that they can use for exercise and then move on. But, as popular high-end gym wear like Nike becomes more expensive and hazardous to the environment, there are many other factors to take into account when purchasing a new pair, such as ethical sourcing, environmental impact, cost, and labour culture in the production of the gym shorts.

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Best Top Brands Shorts Australia 

Naturally, there isn't a single pair of shorts that works for everyone. Still, after evaluating dozens over the past few years, it is evident that a select few Aussie brands have the essential product characteristics and set the bar for the best gym shorts. Here's a list of local alternatives to Nike shorts all available at Local Threads, Australia.




Best friends Charlie Hender and Will Swale founded ORTC Clothing Co. in 2016 after developing a love for the fashion business and classic design from a young age. Their appreciation for high-quality, classic clothing swiftly evolved into a great business opportunity with a distinct vision and concept: to design chic, timeless lifestyle items that their fathers and friends could appreciate.

There were only a few reasonably priced, cutting-edge men's accessories when ORTC Clothing Co. first got its start. The self-taught boys who had little to no experience in fashion or design created all of the products. Following the original range's tremendous success, further products were produced along with the creation of an advanced online store.

ORTC shorts are available at Local Threads Australia. 

Saint and Satin

Established in July 2016 and introduced in December 2017, Melbourne, Australia-based Satin & Saint is a luxury streetwear company that was inspired by the U.K. and European streetwear. It all started when the founders sought to establish a boutique brand that was at the forefront of street fashion and constantly set the standard for international streetwear.

They present you a line of high-quality clothing that is distinguished from the competition under the name Satin, which refers to the fabric known as "Satin," and Saint, which refers to a "holy one,"- someone set apart for God's special purposes. Available at Local Threads, AU


Aylesbury (pronounced AYLZ - BREE) was created in  December 2017, in Adelaide, Australia. It is a versatile brand and its mission is to satisfy its clients' street, athletic, or upscale clothing needs. You can buy your Aylesbury shorts at Local Threads AU

Mayfair Collection

In 2020, the brand founders discovered that there were holes in the Australian fashion industry that needed to be filled as they searched for men's jeans that combined comfort and style. That's how the Mayfair Collection came to be. They invested many hours and months in designing and developing the ideal styles and material combinations so that everyone could feel and look beautiful in them.

By purchasing jeans, they researched hundreds of brands and put several of them to the test over the course of six months. They discovered that the majority of people can buy pricey clothes that don't fit them well, and yet   cheaper jeans and shorts feel unpleasant and wear out quickly after only a few washes

All things considered, a lot of these brands either used thick denim that doesn't fit right when worn or cheap degradable material. They have discovered the precise mixture that meets all requirements for style,  comfort, style, fit and feel. Their goal is to provide high-quality, universally sized jeans. Available at Local Threads, Australia. 

Kenny Parker Label

Australian fashion house- Kenny Parker was established by Melbourne designer Trent Hogan. Kenny Parker creates wardrobe essentials and high-end streetwear staples without sacrificing quality and is renowned for its modest yet distinctive look.

With their high yet understated design and monochrome palette, Kenny Parker defines full simplicity. They provide a gender-neutral selection of classic cuts with a huge emphasis on comfort, quality, and longevity. You can buy your Kenny Parker Label shorts at Local Threads, Australia. 

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MAD Active

MAD Active is an ethical and sustainable activewear company that was established to give consumers an affordable choice. They are aware that many individuals frequently desire to make deliberate decisions, but occasionally are unable to do so because of the cost.

The brand was created so that buyers can make a decision that is in line with their interests and values; they want to reinvent the market for sustainable activewear by introducing a cheap option without sacrificing quality. MAD Active shorts are available at Local Threads, Australia.

Xahara Activewear

Fashion, health, and exercise were the driving forces behind the creation of Xahara Activewear. Their mission is to empower women to dream big, set high standards for themselves, and excel in their active lifestyle because they know that confidence is the key. Their clothes (shorts inclusive) are the result of months of meticulous crafting and fine-tuning. utilizing top-notch materials and cutting-edge technologies to produce goods that improve your comfort, self-assurance, and performance. Their goal is to provide fashionable exercise clothing that can be worn for both working out and socializing.

The company sells stylish, upscale women's activewear. They are an Australian company that draws inspiration from our travels and world fashion movements. and they fill the gap between high-end performance clothing and fashion. Shop Xahata Activewear at Local Threads, Australia. 

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MELOX the label

Located in Fremantle, Western Australia's coast, MELOX is an alternative fashion label and concept brand that hopes to in still confidence and power in people through their clothing. They hold the view that you can pull off anything if you do it with assurance and sass because you are what you wear and your dress who you are.

Designer/Creative Director Mel who attended TAFE is always overcome by the urge to create and the need for colour in a society that thrives on monotone. She used those as inspiration for prints and to bring her ideas to life. MELOX the label is available at Local Threads, Australia.

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Any of these fantastic shorts can serve a variety of functions in your life. On a casual day at work during the week, they can shine, but on the weekends, you can wear it for hiking with your friends or discovering a new fishing spot. We are aware of how crucial it is for your shorts to function in a variety of settings, and great pairs of shorts should support you both at work and in daily life. For more fashion finds be sure to check out Local Threads Au. 

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